MYOMY do goods presents MY PAPER BAG vegan style

Design Icon of Mushrooms:

MYOMY do goods presents at the Soul Salon the very first bag of mushrooms – directly from nature and completely biodegradable. The design icon MY PAPER BAG is the first nominated design for this innovative and vegan material. The experiment focuses on sustainable innovation and responds to the increasing demand for vegan fashion.

The sustainable alternative

MYOMY do goods is the Dutch fashion brand that has taken sustainability and design as its starting point from the start. In addition to her fair trade leather bag collections and recylcled felt bags, she is taking the next step towards a very special and natural design this year. The innovative material is made from mushrooms but looks, feels and smells like leather. This version is colored with green tea. In the field of sustainability, this product deserves an absolute 10. The material has a special look and is lightweight. From the fungal threads of the mushroom, in 9 days a special layer grows, which can then be processed into this material. Besides, it has the unique property that it can be completely returned to the earth and thereby pass on its nutritious value. This special mushroom innovation is proud to carry the Cradle 2 Cradle Gold certification.

Become part of this innovation at the Soul Salon

For the time being, the innovative material is called ‘Mycelium textile’, or ‘The 6th fabric’, because it offers revolutionary possibilities in addition to plastic, nylon, cotton and leather. At the Soul Salon, MYOMY do goods offers you the unique opportunity to invent the name of the material that goes with this particular innovation. Whoever invents the best name may test the bag first in the world, so that you can contribute to the development of this material, which now appears in this form but will soon more and more have the look of luxurious leather types. You will find the MYOMY do goods stand at stand 1 and 2 of the Gashouder on 21 and 22 January. Here the innovative bag of the mushroom material with the unique mushroom material will be presented, in addition to the other unique designs from the new A/W 18-19 collection.

About MYOMY do goods

Since 2007, the Dutch fashion brand MYOMY do goods has been designing sustainable leather bags and accessories. The eco-chic designs are inspired by iconic objects from our daily lives and designed with a clear ‘to do good’ mission. The first design was the famous MY PAPER BAG – the sustainable alternative to the world-famous paper bag. From the beginning, the innovative fashion brand works with fair-trade guaranteed workshops, where proud professionals make the unique designs by hand. MYOMY do goods collections are made with love and proudly carried by men and women all around the world. All these people share these positive icons; the dream of making beautiful products and contributing to a better world.

Show that you are a ‘Positive Icon’ at the Soul Salon too: take a picture in our photo booth and share the story. Together with our community of ‘Positive Icons’ we want to leave a positive and unforgettable impression in the world, bag for bag. Will you join us?